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I believe in empowering birthing women and their partners to have a calm and positive experience, no matter what their circumstances.

I want to help remove the fear and foster a calm, relaxing confidence in birthing, by empowering with knowledge, providing support and techniques that assist them to trust the birth process.

I am motivated and inspired to do this through the wonder of the birth process, the belief in our innate ability and the drive to restore women's belief in themselves.

The ability we have to conceive, nurture and birth a new human 'being' is truly one of nature's miracles. There is nothing else comparable to this amazing event.

As a woman, mother, midwife, Naturopath, Herbalist and Kinesiologist, I have long marvelled at our innate instinctive ability. As a midwife I was fully immersed in the care of birthing women, searching for and learning everything I could about natural childbirth. I drew inspiration from the works of Michel Odent, Sarah Buckley, Maggie Banks and many others. I did my best to incorporate these philosophies despite working in a medicalised model of maternity care. Then, as a mother, I yearned for my own natural birthing experience - I did whatever I could to foster a calm, positive experience despite being encased in that medicalised model. It was very challenging to do this, even with all my acquired knowledge. 

My own personal and professional experiences propelled me to broaden my scope of knowledge so I could make a difference to other women's experiences. I studied Naturopathy and Herbalism, and merged that knowledge with my midwifery skills - providing holistic women's health care. But I was constantly seeing the women I assisted being disempowered by their birthing options and outcomes. There had to be something else I could do. I wasn't sure what that could be, until I discovered Hypnobirthing!

The Hypnobirthing Australia program is an educational process that empowers the birthing woman and her partner to experience a calm, gentle and confident path to meeting their baby. It is a most profoundly effective philosophy that has the potential to create a shift in the mindset and conditioning around childbirth that is needed in the world.

My Training
Dandelion Leaves
Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner

Hypnobirthing Australia, 2020.

Hypnobirthing_CP_Seal_WEB (transparent).
Kinesiologist (Certificate 4)

Dynamic Kinesiology Centre, 2021

Graduate Diploma in Herbal Medicine

University of New England, 2017.


SA College of Natural & Traditional Medicine, 2003.

Registered Midwife

Whyalla Hospital, 1988.

Dandelion Leaves