Positive Birth Program

The Hypnobirthing Australia program is an educational process that empowers the birthing woman and her partner to experience a calm, gentle and confident path to meeting their baby. The relaxation techniques, visualisations, self-hypnosis, self-care tips and tangible tools that are given during the program will equip birthing couples to have a gentle, positive experience no matter their circumstances - hospital, birth centre or home birth. Within the program you are introduced to the techniques of self-hypnosis which will create a deeply relaxed state, and you can utilise these techniques at any stage. You are also introduced to some underpinning knowledge about your primal, instinctual abilities. The language terms that are most commonly used to describe aspects of childbirth are re-structured to more positively reflect what your body is going through. This further adds to the calming feeling, eliminating negative or fearful connotations. There are breathing techniques, acupressure as well as light massage/touch techniques.There are guided relaxation audio material, tips on healthy eating and living. 

It is a complete package and a wholistic, heart-centred approach to childbirth education. Empowering choice in your care.

Forget the stereo-typical notions of hypnosis - that you are placed in a deep trance, with no control of your thoughts or actions!


All hypnosis IS self-hypnosis. This is where Hypnobirthing comes into its own, and where Hypnobirthing Australia has created a dynamic program that will, I am sure, ultimately alter the course of birthing services for women. 

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Program Options

The Positive Birth Program is a 12 hour course and, depending on availability, can be conducted in a number of ways:

- Group Sessions 

   groups of between 2 to 6 couples, depending on demand.

Private Sessions

  Private one-on-one sessions with an individual couple.

Refresher Course

  This is a private course for those who have previously done 

  Hypnobirthing, but would like to refresh their knowledge and skills.

- Online Course

   This is available for those who may not be able to attend a group    session. A private 1.5hr session is available also, to consolidate  the  course and provide the opportunity to clarify any aspects of the  program that you are unsure of.

Sessions can be structured as either:-

- Four x3 hour units, usually once a week for 4 weeks.

- Two x6 hour units, held as a full day workshop on 2 separate days      one week apart.

- The refresher course is 3 hours.

Additional Services
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Naturopathy & Kinesiology

If you would like personal Naturopathy or Kinesiology appointments to maximise your health and wellbeing during this important time, please have a look at:

for information on other services I can provide.

There is not the time or scope to provide these services during Hypnobirthing classes.

Positive Caesarean Birth Program

A unique program to assist in the preparation for a planned caesarean birth. Remember - birth can be positive, no matter your circumstances.

Stay tuned! I will be offering this course later in the year.

Upcoming Courses

Please contact me to find out dates for upcoming courses.